Publishing a New Education DVD of Plastic

“Japan Initiative for Marine Environment (JaIME)” has created and published a new education DVD of Plastic, 
titled “Plastics and Us -Its Contribution Towards a Sustainable Society-
This DVD was produced to help understanding of preciousness and value of plastic, also to contribute reduction of littering. 
The original DVD was created in Japanese, and is currently used as a supplementary teaching material of science in junior high school. 

The DVD includes 5 chapters and 3 bonus videos. Check each video from the URL below.
 1. Plastic and the Foodie
 2. Classifying Plastics!
 3. 6 Mysteries of Plastic Bottles
 4. Plastic Makes Perfect
 5. To Dispose or Not? Recycling Plastic
 6. Developing the Lithium-ion Battery
 7. Experiments with Plastic
 8. Ideal Plastic Materials

JaIME was established in 2018, with the aim of addressing marine plastic issue, which is acknowledged as a big challenge for the Japanese chemical industry. 
Activities are driven by joint secretariat comprised of 5 chemical industry associations in Japan, consisting 47 companies/associations as members and 3 associations as supporting members. (As of August 2021)