RESPONSIBLE CAREAbout Responsible Care

What is Responsible Care?

Chemical substances-necessary and important to modern daily life. However, sometimes these substances can turn dangerous, becoming hazardous to human health and safety and the environment when handled improperly.
The task of preserving the environment and ensuring the health and safety of humans has increased in step with the rise of global environmental problems and the rapid industrialization of developing countries. Adding to this situation the potential hazards linked to advanced technology has made it difficult to ensure the ecological soundness and safety of chemical operations and products simply by imposing laws and regulations. Thus, it is increasingly more important for companies that deal with chemical substances to undertake voluntary measures to ensure environmental preservation and human safety and health.
Reflecting this trend, the world chemical industry started an initiative that promotes a voluntary management system aimed at preserving the environment against and ensuring the safety from chemical substances throughout the product's life cycle, from development through disposal. This initiative has been named "Responsible Care" (RC).

Responsible Care Logotype

The logotype used to promote Responsible Care is authorized by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) as an international trademark for use by companies and organizations that implement Responsible Care programs.
Permission to use the logotype is granted to member companies of chemical industry associations recognized by the ICCA. In Japan, the Japan Chemical Industries Association (JCIA), the Responsible Care Committee(RC Committee), and member companies of the RC Committee are exclusively authorized to use the logotype.

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