RESPONSIBLE CAREBasic Policy of JCIA on Environment,
Health and Safety

Principles of the Japan Chemical Industry Association regarding the Environment, Health and Safety in 2016

  1. Safeguard the environment, health and safety in domestic and overseas through strong leadership by management.
  2. Strive to continually improve environmental, health and safety performance and the security of facilities, processes and technologies throughout the entire chemical lifecycle from development to disposal, and inform society of the results of such efforts.
  3. Further reduce consumption of resources and energy and strive to reduce, reuse and recycle wastes.
  4. Protect the environment and people’s health and safety by driving continual improvement in chemical product safety and stewardship throughout the supply chain.
  5. Strengthen chemicals management systems by participating in the development and implementation of lifecycle-oriented, science-based, and risk-based sound chemical management legislation and best practice.
  6. Influence business partners to promote the safe management of chemicals within their own operations.
  7. Endeavor to engage in dialogue with local authorities and communities by heeding their concerns regarding the effects of our products and business activities on the environment, health and safety, and by providing them with necessary information to help them understand properly.
  8. Further expand dialogue locally, nationally and globally in order to better meet the expectations of stakeholders regarding our efforts with respect to the environment, health and safety.
  9. Contribute to the sustainable development of society by developing and providing innovative technologies and other solutions.