Chemicals ManagementGPS/JIPS/BIGDr


JCIA has been engaging in "Japan Initiative of Product Stewardship" (JIPS) since 2009 as part of the voluntary initiative to strengthen new chemical product management in the chemical industry. JIPS is an industry initiative toward supply chain risk evaluation and risk management that is based on concepts of Product Stewardship (PS) / Global Product Strategy (GPS) by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA).

Major activities

JCIA engages in the following activities as part of JIPS.

  1. Developing guidance for risk assessment and management in GPS/JIPS
  2. Encouraging the preparation of GPS/JIPS Safety Summaries (GSS)
  3. Developing risk assessment tools
  4. Continuing to hold risk assessment seminars
  5. Promoting GSS creation through consortium activities
  6. Developing and operating portal site JCIA BIGDr


In the management of chemical substances, it is important for the business operator to appropriately collect information related to the safety of chemical substances and perform scientific risk assessment. JCIA operates "Chemical Risk Assessment Support Portal" JCIA BIGDr as part of its activities to support chemical management of all business operators in the supply chain. The JCIA BIGDr provides a safety information portal and risk assessment tools that are available to business operators to support their efforts at self-management.

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