Chairman Fukuda Nobuo

Japan Chemical Industry Association




In order to become carbon neutral by 2050, the chemical industry must not only provide products and services that support healthy, comfortable, and convenient lifestyles, but also contribute to society as a solution provider for various issues.

JCIA will continue to work toward building a sustainable society by focusing on three key themes: further contributing to carbon neutrality, strengthening communication with society, and providing peace of mind by enhancing safety in operations and chemical product management. I believe that these three points are independent themes and are related to each other, with "safety and security" as the foundation of the chemical industry, "communication" as the means, and "carbon neutrality" as the goal.


With growing expectations for technological development that contributes to the transition to a sustainable society, there is a need to accelerate the implementation of innovations in society in response to the Japanese government's Carbon Neutral Declaration by 2050.

Based on the " The Chemical Industry’s Stance on Carbon Neutrality " formulated in 2021, JCIA will continue its efforts in cooperation with the government and other industries to develop innovative technologies to achieve energy conversion and raw material conversion, and to implement them in society.


Furthermore, I believe that it is necessary to promote a change in the awareness of society as a whole to foster a society that recognizes environmental value. JCIA will endeavor to communicate the importance and benefits of the chemical industry to society by establishing a system that enables quantitative evaluation of the contribution of chemical products to reducing environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.


Providing peace of mind by enhancing safety in operations and chemical product management is the most important theme, foundation, and premise for the chemical industry's continued existence. On the other hand, the chemical industry is facing challenges such as high facility aging and labor shortages due to a declining birthrate and aging population. To ensure continued safe operations, we will promote smart safety by supporting the development of establishment of systems that make full use of cutting-edge digital technologies such as IoT and big data, and the development of human resources to support it.


As a solution provider, the chemical industry will contribute to society by providing a stable supply of products and services and creating innovations to achieve economic growth and a sustainable society.


  2023 New Year's Message