About JCIA


The chemical industry supplies chemical products and raw materials to various industries, contributing to the development of electronic parts and components, such as semiconductors, information communication devices and electric machinery, like personal computers and cell phones, as well as automobiles. At the same time, its products are widely used in plastics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, detergents, paints and agrochemicals, thereby making the chemical industry a major contributor to the development of other industries and to the improvement of people's lives.

The chemical industry is also contributing to integral 21st century advancements in the fields of biotechnology and information technology, including the development of products and solutions aimed at the global warming issues, further making it an indispensable industry for achieving high living standards and success.

The Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA) has nearly 180 member companies, with 80 organizations engaged in the manufacturing and handling of chemical products and related services. With the basic idea of "coexistence and co-prosperity with society," for almost 60 years, JCIA has actively undertaken activities to fulfill its mission of promoting the stable development of the chemical industry. These activities have both contributed to the economic prosperity of Japan and have elevated the standards of the chemical industry.

In addition to serving as Japan's representative member of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), consisting of the world's chemical associations, JCIA has engaged in voluntary global initiatives to resolve issues faced by chemical companies and associations throughout the world, including matters related to the environment, chemical safety and measures to prevent global warming.


About JCIA : Overview

  • April 1948 JCIA formed as a voluntary association
  • June 1991 Incorporated as a legal entity
  • April 2011 Shifted to a general incorporated association


As the leading trade association of the Japanese chemical industry, JCIA seeks to promote the healthy development of the chemical industry through the research and study of production, distribution and consumption of materials relating to the chemical industry. JCIA also focuses on the research and study of various issues relating to technology, labor, environment and chemical safety of the industry, and on planning appropriate measures and actions to the economic prosperity of Japan and the betterment of the national standard of living.


  1. Research and study on the production, distribution and consumption of chemical products.
  2. Research and study on issues concerning technology, labor, environment, chemical safety, etc., as well as planning and promoting measures and actions.
  3. Commendations for outstanding achievement in new technologies and safety records.
  4. Collection and dissemination of information, communications and cooperation with related organizations in Japan and overseas.
  5. Public outreach and advocacy activities, workshops and seminars.


  • Policy Coordinating Committee
  • Councilors' Committee
  • Public Relations Committee
  • International Activities Committee
  • Economy and Tax System Committee
  • Labor Committee
  • Technical Affairs Committee
  • Environment and Safety Committee
  • Chemicals Management Committee
  • Responsible Care Committee

Fiscal year

From April 1 to March 31 the next year