Privacy Policy

Concerning acquisition of personal information

The website of the Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA hereinafter) aims at providing relevant information about chemical industry and we obtain personal information legitimately and by fair means from those who make inquiries to us.
We obtain personal information from the members of JCIA only after making prescribed procedures concerning acquisition of information with the member companies or associations.

Scope of personal information that we collect

At this website, the following information become subject for the collection of information (Above information are provided by those inquirers to JCIA and other relevant people.):

  1. Name of individuals, addresses, etc.
  2. E-mail addresses, and
  3. Name of companies, positions, etc.

Concerning the use of personal information

This website uses the personal information only for the provision of services within the scope of the objectives of the website as follows:

For members

  1. Notice, distribution, and sale of books and leaflets that JCIA publishes
  2. Consultation by e-mail and response
  3. Transmission of e-mail newsletters and others to those who want

In case we ask a third party to handle the personal information, we adequately supervise the third party for appropriate maintenance of personal information by conducting strict survey and review of the third party and by concluding a confidentiality agreement.

Concerning provision of personal information to third party

Without legally determined, the JCIA does not provide personal information to third party without obtaining prior agreement from the subject persons.

Concerning administration of personal information

At this website, we send e-mail messages or letters for confirmation to maintain the accuracy of personal information and implement measures to administer the information safely, for example, by establishing “firewall”.

Concerning disclosure/revision/stopping of use/elimination of personal information

At this website, we respect the right of the subject persons to request for disclosure/revision/stopping of use/elimination of their personal information and, when requested, we shall promptly respond to such request.

Concerning the treatment of personal information at this website, if one has a request for disclosure/revision/stopping of use/elimination of his or her personal information, please contact to the inquiry counter of this website.

For those who have requested for disclosure/revision/stopping of use/elimination of their personal information, we shall confirm whether the inquirers are the subject persons by sending an e-mail message, etc. from JCIA for confirmation.


At this website, we shall appropriately administer personal information with our Executive Director and General Manager of General Affairs Department as the administrator to protect personal information.

Compliance to relevant laws and regulations

At JCIA, we shall comply with laws and regulations relating to personal information as well as internal rules that the association has determined.

Scope of application

This Privacy Policy shall apply only to those contents that are published in this website (